Ingrid's Story

Homeschool Consultant

I remember the day we decided to homeschool ever so clearly.  It all began with a phone call.  See, I was in Vegas for yet another conference away from my family.  I was overseeing cardiac research at a large healthcare system in Florida and my days were LONG.  I would often come home exhausted trying to make it until bedtime and get ready to do it all over again.  I remember calling my husband and telling him how much I miss him and the girls.  I also felt compelled to tell him that I wanted to stay home and be with the girls to which he responded “ ok, let’s do it”.  I could not sleep that night from the excitement and the possibility of being able to be home with my girls full time.  However, the excitement was short lived as concerns about finances and giving up my career flooded my mind.  


What I Specialize In






Keyboard and Mouse

Every Journey Begins with a Decision.